Minileague vs Minileague Standings

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You must have at least 5 active players in your mini-league to appear in this table.
PosName# playersAverage Score
1The BIG One 2007/200851.1000
2Ibra's WorldCup71.0968
31966..50 years on the books!71.0909
4Alan and Brian footy leagu61.0833
5Teva Boys 61.0833
7Clash Of The Titans51.0400
8NSC World Cup League61.0377
9Norfolk and Chance Premier League61.0167
10Yardley Arms / William Tyler121.0000
11The Bro's Prediction aaaaaaiiiiiii70.9857
12Kaplan World Cup 201860.9833
13Mines a Pint60.9833
14Go-Ahead World Cup 2018 60.9804
15The Des Lyttle Invitational 60.9804
16The AccessGroup90.9778
17iForce Auctions Euro 2016 Predictions League50.9744
18PI Redditch50.9744
20Scooby Doo Cup60.9667
21Scooby Doo Cup60.9667
22GTS - Queen Mary50.9600
23Piz Cup50.9600
24Aish Euro16 League80.9583
25Champion League Pick'em50.9583
26Cold War 2018 50.9583
27copa ds americas 201650.9583
28Euro Golden Toe 201650.9583
29Sporty rubbish etc host the Spivey McGill trophy @ Russia '1870.9524
30Sporty Rubbish etc: EPL70.9524
31VC Glasgow Championship70.9508
32Volunteer Glasgow70.9508
33Fanatics 60.9500
34Alchemy Serie 'A'80.9452
35Wells Fargo - 2018/19170.9441
36Footy Banter League50.9400
37Euro 2016 Predict60.9333
38H H Heroin WC60.9333
39THES LEAGUE60.9333
40Hardcore fa cup league 200.9296
41OnTarget 17/18140.9286
42Wells Fargo120.9250
43WiseMen Premier League60.9245
44Last Man Standing Euro 2016150.9231
45Bikers & Buddies50.9200
46The Euro Fordham Championship50.9200
47The Fordham Championship50.9200
48The Fordham Championship50.9200
49English Premier League70.9180
50One Flew Over Lukaku's Nest60.9167
51Wonderful World Cup120.9167
52El Sombrero180.9152
53Prediction League70.9143
54VIP World Cup Malarkey100.9072
560809ja EPL 230.9026
57Last Man Standing Cup170.9026
58Predicta 2018 World Cup90.9024
59BCHG Prediction Series50.9000
60Brothers league60.9000
61Maher Euro 2016 Prediction League70.9000
62Teekay Glasgow100.9000
63The Maher Hex (Premier League Predictions 2018-19)70.9000
64Champions League70.8986
66Predictor Elite50.8919
67El Sombrero60.8913
68The Beechwood Premier League90.8876
69FA Cup80.8875
70GEO Premierleague70.8857
71The beautiful game Season 2140.8857
72Allianz Engineering50.8800
74From Russia with love (and piles of dirty cash)50.8800
75Paisley Predictor League 50.8800
76We know FA90.8778
77Sporty Rubbish: Eurovision80.8767
78DD Cup / Le Tourneo90.8765
79How'd you like them apples??80.8734
80Lads from Mosney enjoy chicken...80.8734
81Ayew Having a Laugh210.8719
82The (HB)K-League70.8714
83The beautiful Euros 140.8714
85Shake n Bake!100.8673
88Martin's ultimate prediction challenge (no time-wasters) 50.8611
90Brooks Premier League 2016/17110.8600
91Coming forth to Karius home50.8600
92Not so Hotspur50.8600
93Read it and weep50.8600
94Scramhead Cup50.8600
95Summer thursdays50.8600
96Thursday night50.8600
97Kalu Cup III150.8582
98Fergie Time REVAMPED!130.8571
99UNUM 2018/201950.8571
100Rexam Euro 201690.8556
101Vip League Elite - English Premiership400.8556
102The Beautiful Game Season 3110.8545
103El Sombrero110.8542
104Thursday night football league 310.8511
106Show me the Mane League60.8500
107030 ETE League60.8475
108Bosko Balaban Invitational 80.8451
109QVC World Cup Prediction League80.8451
110!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ONLINE FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!70.8429
111Edmonton - Neil's PTE120.8421
112Battle of the Powells50.8400
113Brooks Euro 201660.8400
115Our World Cup100.8400
116Devon Greens90.8395
117Asda Govan Premiership80.8375
118Isoprime - the buffet slayers80.8375
119Vip League Elite - English Championship80.8375
120Sub Con Premier Predictions League130.8374
121Aish Champions League50.8372
122nasi tu byli 50.8367
123Stobart world cup 110.8364
124The Beautiful Game Season 4110.8364
125LRC mini league80.8354
126Euro Drinkers.60.8333
127Game of Throw-ins EURO 201660.8333
128Soccerlotto Prediction League60.8333
129Go-Ahead Premier League Predictions 80.8310
130Scottish Masters 2018-19130.8306
131LLR Euro's60.8305
132LSBU League60.8305
133Wonky champion league bonus league 360.8301
134Kane-ing it in Russia100.8300
135The Beautiful Game100.8300
136H H Heroin70.8286
137Kalu League Cup II (2017/2018)180.8282
138PFC Season 2016/17190.8263
139PFC Season 2014/15120.8250
140Pint Pot80.8250
141Essex Euro Predictions90.8222
142Chavdar Etropole50.8200
143Delta League50.8200
144FT FA Cup League50.8200
145Lead Advisory Company50.8200
146Nasty Ansty Premier League 50.8200
147Proper Jacks not plastics50.8200
148+++ Battle of $$$ +++100.8182
149Prem league predictions110.8182
150Walkers FTW50.8182
151WHO WANTS THE CUP?110.8182
152It was never coming home 160.8176
153Access World (Cup)60.8167
154KT Rebels League80.8125
155Real madrid fans80.8125
156Wonkys euro 201680.8125
157AMSL WC18160.8117
158Money Up Front70.8116
159Porky Pie Premiership 2019/2060.8113
160England We're Coming For You170.8107
161Money Up Front80.8101
162Wisemans 1st jd predictions league480.8060
163The Button League (again)140.8058
164Vip League Elite - Scottish Premiership200.8050
165We'll Always Be Blue Hilton League180.8045
166VG Euro 201690.8025
167Veal Family Invitation120.8022
168PL 2016110.8021
171DP Football Club60.8000
172Euro Larky70.8000
174if your any GOOD you should be in my league so join 4 the laugh60.8000
175Isoprime - the buffet slayers70.8000
176Les Tueurs de la Restes70.8000
178TCD Superstars50.8000
179TCD Superstars50.8000
180Pilkington's vs the world70.7969
181Euro super league60.7966
182Bertling Copa America League70.7937
183Who Ate All The Pies ?70.7937
184Leicester till I Die 150.7933
185The QVC Prediction Punters110.7921
186THE IRISH JIM LEAGUE 2018/19100.7900
188Arsenal fans Vs Man U & Spurs fans80.7875
189Everything Football80.7875
190ASGR Champions league70.7857
191ASGR Championship70.7857
192DP Premier League - 2016/201770.7857
1933 Points No Receipt Nice Day60.7833
194AGSR World Cup60.7833
195ASGR EURO 201660.7833
196BOTN Predictions League60.7833
198Maher/Proxima - Russia 2018 World Cup Predictions League60.7833
199PFS and 1 night shift guy 60.7833
200Shamroukh Super League100.7826
202FT Champions League80.7821
203Eddie Stobart Euro Prediction League 2016140.7820
204COYS Twitter League 2012.50.7800
205Devon Greens50.7800
207The three lions vindaloo league 201650.7800
208Braggers predicto 18/19 season140.7786
209PFC Euros140.7786
210PFC Season 2015/16140.7786
211Edmonton Euro Predictor90.7778
213COC Domino - EPL Predictions50.7755
214World Cup 2018 Pros (COC & Sagicor)50.7755
215Plymothian Janners90.7753
216Yorkshire Puddings80.7750
217Show me da Mané470.7745
218Wells Fargo310.7739
219PFC Season 2017/18150.7733
220The Artaviaship130.7724
222Red Issue League WC 2018210.7714
223Steven to beat70.7714
224Soccer Saturday Super 6 Facebook Group130.7692
225Thailand Euro 2016130.7692
226Red Issue EURO 2016 League250.7680
227Bertling World Cup 201880.7671
228Kearnsy and Brad's Euro 2016 Competition180.7667
230Wales WINNERS !!90.7667
231Zonal WC2018120.7658
233Zonal Euros150.7652
234Siam Sinners90.7640
235birminghamscotland 2018 - 1980.7639
237The Champions league110.7636
238Sad sacks world cup160.7632
239Cracking & Olefins80.7625
240Kearnsy's Russian Roulette160.7625
241The QVC Euro Prediction Punters90.7625
242Fans of The Back-Pass-Age170.7622
243The Real Bertling EURO 2016 League120.7611
244'A great start to the season'50.7600
2452016 Euros50.7600
246CDM League50.7600
247Just For Euro50.7600
248Hac for ever70.7571
249VM Ryssland 2018 - Tipsmästerskapet70.7571
250Red Issue League 19/20250.7560