Minileague vs Minileague Standings

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You must have at least 5 active players in your mini-league to appear in this table.
PosName# playersAverage Score
1POW Super Champions League82.3750
2They think It's All Over62.1667
3VIP World Cup Malarkey51.0800
4Scooby Doo Cup61.0333
6Shoedogs Euros61.0167
7Scooby Doo Cup71.0143
8Plane Loco130.9923
9Kings of the North70.9857
10Deli allstars 260.9831
11Hand of Pog60.9667
12Ashley Out 50.9600
13Bators 90.9556
14Redwood League80.9500
15Euro 2020 League70.9429
16The League Of Football Fanatics 21/2270.9429
17Predictions 2021-202250.9400
18Deli Allstars 50.9388
19Depit 2018 wc60.9333
20Depit league60.9333
21Vip League Elite - English Premiership100.9300
22Bugz to beat 50.9200
23Dave to beat (yet again)50.9200
24Sludrehjørnets PL-forudsigelser50.9200
25Cams Hill United60.9167
26Roker Enders80.9125
27AT & Friends League100.9100
28Euro Football Legends100.9100
29Kings of the North100.9100
30The Kings of the North100.9100
31The Mythos Cup 2 100.9091
33Football Legends120.9000
34Hornets inc60.9000
35Mines a Pint50.9000
36Nafferton League70.9000
37Nafferton Mini League70.9000
40Carib FC Mini League80.8875
41Euro Football Lovers80.8875
42Cams Hill United70.8857
43Goals Allowed70.8857
44Whistl Euro 2016 league70.8857
45Hunter League [TH] 2021/2260.8833
46Hunter World Cup 201860.8833
47Fifty-five years of hurt170.8824
48boysrusinvitation mkII50.8800
49Dooley's Euro Doddlers 50.8800
50Sporty rubbish etc host the Spivey McGill trophy @ Russia '1850.8800
51Sporty Rubbish Euro Tour 2020/2150.8800
52Anyone but Adrian!140.8786
53Davy 2019/20100.8700
54Bill's Euro League90.8667
55Football Legends60.8667
56It's gone to Rome180.8667
57Dads & Grandads50.8600
58Davy 2020/21100.8600
59HUNTER EURO 202050.8600
60Jerry Soccer League II50.8600
61Misters league50.8600
62No sweepstake here!50.8600
63Northumberland Avenue Trophy50.8600
64BG Football League80.8500
65BG league60.8500
66Fark Fitba Prediction League60.8500
67Ligue 1120.8500
69The Deery WC 18 Challenge 60.8500
70Uslaaaag 60.8500
71Singapore World Cup 201880.8481
72Suspect Predictors150.8467
73Davy 2021/22110.8455
75The London Stagecoachers110.8455
762021/2022 PREMIER LEAGUE90.8444
77Jane Ramsay memorial 180.8444
78Elstead Royal British Legion 140.8429
79GLORY BOYS70.8429
80Katy Premiership70.8429
81The Champions league70.8429
82VIP Euros70.8429
84Asda premier league50.8400
85Bill's EPL League100.8400
86Irvine Euros50.8400
87Sporty Rubbish: Eurovision50.8400
88Squash For ALL50.8400
91Holmesdale geriatrics60.8333
92League of London120.8333
93PFC Season 2016/1760.8333
94premier league60.8333
96SWEATY SOCKS170.8294
97Premier Predictors70.8286
98Andover 2013110.8273
99Predictor 21110.8273
100Thurrock premier110.8273
101Numpties League170.8261
102They think it's all over....80.8250
103Whistl predictor 2021/22120.8250
104Yes Sir, I Can Boogie120.8235
105LoC Money Competition140.8214
106Serie A140.8214
107Ac Hoylake Heaton Prediction League50.8200
108Anti - Arsenal League50.8200
109It’s Panini time50.8200
110Never lost at Wembley 2019/20 50.8200
113The Sir Joe Shiels Shield 50.8200
114The Tony Roper All-Over-Europa (despite COVID) Trophy of Old London Town50.8200
115William Hill Development & Friends200.8200
116wonkys 2021 euro compaction50.8200
117Premier League 2021/2022210.8190
118Sweedish Snow160.8188
119$HOW ME THE MONEY 60.8167
120Anyone But United180.8167
121H H Heroin60.8167
122H H Heroin WC60.8167
124Porky Pie Premiership 2021/2260.8167
125Prem league predictions60.8167
126Quit when you're winning60.8167
127Roar Active Program 60.8167
128Yorkshire Puddings60.8167
129Lords of Chepstow250.8160
130Italian Icons200.8150
131Andy Premier League Predictions Comp70.8143
133Football's Coming Home!70.8143
134Pantry Punters League70.8143
135QEUH - English Premier League130.8140
136Retail Premier League Predictor 220.8136
137Davy 2018/1990.8111
138Milly Mini League 2190.8111
140Vive la France180.8111
141QEUH - Scottish Premiership 80.8101
142Champions league100.8100
143Super League120.8083
144RUSSIA 2018140.8071
14521/22 PTP season90.8000
14621/22 Research Predictor League60.8000
147Accounts Assassins50.8000
149Bertling EURO 2020 League140.8000
151CFJMRRRSS 21/2250.8000
152Family Feud50.8000
153FT Champions League70.8000
154JDI - Euro 202050.8000
155JLR League of Nations50.8000
156Kane-ing it in Russia50.8000
157Lost36 Premier League60.8000
158PFC Season 2017/1880.8000
159Predict 20/2150.8000
160Rule Britainia 201860.8000
161The Return Of The Fergie Elite League 60.8000
162There's Only One London Road 60.8000
163Tommy Baldwin70.8000
164The Champions League 70.7971
165CJD Premier League200.7950
166greek gods190.7947
167Predictor 21/22 180.7944
168One horse race110.7909
169Championship Predictor 300.7900
170Spalding Predictor100.7900
171Footy Banter Group THE ORIGINAL & BEST380.7895
172Prembet 21/2290.7889
173The Beautiful Game Season 490.7889
174Premier League330.7879
176TS Dreamers310.7871
178Summer thursdays70.7857
179Thursday night70.7857
180FT World Cup Predictor60.7833
181Own Goal60.7833
182PANGAS Euro League60.7833
183Pangas World Cup 201860.7833
185Will we beat Panama?60.7833
186Cake Bakers160.7813
187Little men with large heads160.7813
188just another mini-league50.7800
189Soccer Saturday Super 6 Facebook Group50.7800
190Soccer Saturday Super 6 Facebook Group50.7800
191Stokewood Road Mini-League50.7800
192Tommohawk Renovators50.7800
193WGL Euro League50.7800
194WGL Super League 2021/2250.7800
195WGLSL World Cup ‘1850.7800
196WGSL 2018-1950.7800
197World Cup Gimp League50.7800
198WSL 2020 lock down league50.7800
200Premier League - Heap Invitational140.7786
201The Gimp League 21/22140.7786
202Roermond on tour 19/2090.7778
204Spurs' Nutters League (Only Spurs fans)80.7750
205GOAL SCORE LEAGUE 2021150.7733
206The Beautiful Game Season 3110.7727
207Euro 2021180.7722
209Game of Throw-ins70.7714
210League of London70.7714
211Soccer Saturday Super 6 Facebook Group World Cup70.7714
212Timms they are a changing140.7714
213World Cup Lords of Chepstow70.7714
214LMS Predictions League 2021-22170.7706
215William Hill Development & Friends100.7700
216England and Australia 60.7667
217EURO2020 LV90.7667
219Ģēniju kauss RUSSIA 201860.7667
220Itch What?60.7667
221The QVC Euro Prediction Punters60.7667
222german gods200.7650
223Swindon prem predictors140.7643
224The beautiful game season 7220.7636
225C L 202180.7625
226Never Trust Those That Don't Drink.80.7625
227Soccer Saturday Super 6 Facebook Group 80.7625
228EPL Predict Lah 160.7610
229Handley League 1100.7600
230Johnny's Super League150.7600
231Kent Special League50.7600
232RMs vs the world50.7600
233PB Golf & All Stars 2021-22270.7593
234championship chipmunks240.7583
235Obi Wan – Kenobi Nil120.7583
236Aviss Challenge League80.7500
237Home before the postcards140.7500
238Kearnsy and Brad's Euro 2020(21) Competition100.7500
239La Liga140.7500
240Normal service is resumed!!80.7500
241Red Issue EURO 2016 League60.7500
242Roermond 20/21120.7500
244Soccer Saturday Super 6 Facebook Group60.7500
245spanish slaughter220.7500
246The Beautiful Game60.7500
247The Beautiful Game Season 6200.7500
249The beautiful game Season 290.7444
250Over 40's League770.7441