Minileague vs Minileague Standings

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You must have at least 5 active players in your mini-league to appear in this table.
PosName# playersAverage Score
1The QVC Euro Prediction Punters51.5417
2QVC World Cup Prediction League61.4912
3The League of Stars51.3953
4Brothers league71.3286
5The Difference #51.3191
6Alchemy Serie 'A'51.2600
7POW Super Champions League81.2500
8They think It's All Over81.2500
9Sad sacks European league51.2245
10The QVC Prediction Punters81.2078
11Sad sacks world cup61.1695
12C L 2022/2371.1286
13Last Man Standing Euro 201691.1264
14CJD WC Qatar 2022141.1077
16Thailand Euro 2016141.0786
17Premier Predictors81.0769
18WORLD CUP 2281.0750
19Ere We Go Ere We Go Again101.0652
20NSC World Cup League51.0612
22PANGAS Euro League61.0500
23Pangas World Cup 202261.0500
25The Beautiful Game Season 5141.0360
26Predictions 2022/23231.0264
27How'd you like them apples??61.0167
28Lads from Mosney enjoy chicken...61.0167
29Euro 2021 Predictions161.0125
30Our World Cup91.0114
31C L 202191.0111
33Roermond Tour 18/1951.0000
34Royston Vasey All Stars51.0000
35The beautiful Euros 111.0000
36World Cup 2022 - Thailand Predictors220.9955
37Last Man Standing Cup200.9645
38League of Champions50.9600
40Sempions 50.9592
41Horses for courses110.9541
42TS Dreamers 280.9498
43GOAL SCORE LEAGUE 2023150.9467
44Prembet 22/2390.9444
45The Beautiful Game Season 490.9444
46The Beautiful Game70.9429
47! Kensington Blvd's Finest !50.9400
48! Special For Lesha and Maxim !50.9400
50World Cup 2022 Chicago League50.9400
51CJD Premier League280.9389
52The Beautiful Game Season 3110.9364
53The beautiful game Season 290.9333
54BG league70.9286
55Tommy Baldwin70.9286
56Ickle World Cup90.9213
57sad sacks on tour180.9213
58The beautiful game season 7200.9196
59FT Champions League50.9184
61Henderson Utd80.9130
62The Beautiful Game Season 6180.9106
63They think it's all over....80.9103
64Predicta Chaps 2021/22220.9091
65World Cup 22180.8994
66TS Dreamers340.8991
67FT Euro League 201650.8980
68NSC FA CUP 2014-15110.8899
69Predicta Chaps 2022/23260.8846
70Ickleford boys Euros100.8788
71Red Issue EURO 2016 League100.8788
72The Dogs Bollocks50.8750
73DST 2018 World Cup 60.8667
74AC Hoylake Heaton Classic League60.8644
75Meriden Cyclists+140.8626
76LMS Predictions League 2021-22160.8616
77Predicta Chaps Euros Edition50.8600
78Hornets inc70.8571
79Hunter League [TH] 2022/2360.8500
80Hunter World Cup 202260.8500
81Mercedes-Benz Electric Vans League -
82The best of the best!100.8500
83Finch 2022-23210.8476
84The Beautiful Game Season 8250.8474
85EURO 2020-21 Prediction League150.8414
86Red Issue EURO 2020 League240.8410
87Thomas Family & Friends50.8400
88Thomas Family + Friends50.8400
89Kearnsy's Russian Roulette130.8385
90The Five putters60.8364
91The Ickle Boys130.8346
9222/23 Research Predictor League60.8333
93Donkeys And Monkeys!60.8333
94FT World Cup Predictor60.8333
95Kearnsy and Brad's Euro 2020(21) Competition120.8250
96Gr8 Football Minds - Euro League80.8243
97GR8 Football Minds - WC 202280.8243
99QEUH - Scottish Premiership 160.8235
100Law & Order200.8232
101Porky Pie Premiership 2022/2350.8200
102RI World Cup 22200.8191
103Little men with large heads130.8182
105Mauritius World Cup 202270.8143
106The Champions league70.8143
107Hand of Pog60.8136
108EPL Prediction 2022/23 190.8132
109Johnny's Super League190.8105
110Fantasy Finch100.8100
111Sporty Rubbish Premier League50.8085
112Roermond 20/21130.8065
113Show me da Mané160.8063
114RI League 22/23360.8045
115Fa cup 201950.8000
116Fantasy Finch Euros150.8000
117HUNTER EURO 202050.8000
118AC Hoylake Heaton Prediction League90.7978
120Shoedogs Euros60.7966
121Kings of the North70.7903
122Roermond on Euro tour130.7903
123So you think you know football?70.7857
124Kearnsy’s Qatar Remedy120.7833
125Finch World Cup League170.7824
126SKODA All Stars170.7751
12721/22 - Big Dossers Prediction League 120.7750
128Obi Wan – Kenobi Nil100.7700
129AC Hoylake Heaton World Cup Prediction League60.7627
130Almost Pundits!! 80.7625
131Singapore World Cup 201870.7612
132Fark Euros Clown Shoe Dumpster Fire league50.7600
133Family Feud60.7586
134LoC Money Competition190.7579
136Are we still having a bank holiday?90.7556
137Roermond 22/23140.7537
138AT & Friends League70.7536
139Football Score Estimates 50.7500
140Kings Of The North WC202280.7500
141Roermond on tour 19/20100.7500
142Neville wears Prada90.7444
143Headquarters Choice 130.7442
144Nearly in Doubt 80.7436
145Fergie Time REVAMPED!90.7416
146William Hill Region 4 - Women's Euros 80.7375
147Simply Unpredictable120.7373
148New Jersey Celtics60.7368
149Roermond 21/22130.7339
151X LEGACY World Cup Lords of Chepstow70.7286
152dooley's doodler's60.7241
153Sporty Rubbish: Eurovision70.7231
154Lords of Chepstow280.7220
155Deli allstars 250.7200
156The Hugh Johns Star Soccer League50.7200
157Redwood League70.7164
158Yes Sir, I Can Boogie200.7135
15922/23 - Big Dossers Prediction League150.7133
160Scott's gamblers anonymous 150.7133
161Headquarters euro 80.7125
162The Teabaggers 70.7101
163The Teabaggers World Cup League 70.7101
164Euro 2021160.7044
166Fark Fitba Prediction League100.7000
167Retail Premier League Predictor 240.7000
168Tapi Carpets50.7000
169The Champions League 80.7000
170The sky bet championship80.7000
171Will we beat Panama?60.7000
172Footy Banter Group THE ORIGINAL & BEST410.6995
173Premier League 2022-23170.6964
174Nafferton League70.6957
175Nafferton Mini League70.6957
176Kings of the North90.6951
177The Kings of the North90.6951
178BG Football League120.6917
17920/21 Prediction League 110.6909
180William Hill Development & Friends360.6908
181Shelf Farm Coychurch170.6882
182In For A Tenner Season 2021/22330.6869
183Lairds of Chepstow150.6867
184Oatcake Prediction League 2022/2370.6857
185Larky 22/2360.6833
186Predict The Premiership League210.6827
187The London Stagecoachers100.6804
188Champion predictor50.6800
189CUP FEVER50.6800
190It's all in the stars50.6800
191JIM JAMS50.6800
192schmitz Fa Cupx50.6800
194La Liga150.6779
195Football's Coming Home!90.6778
196Predicta 2018 World Cup90.6778
197Soccer Saturday Super 6 Facebook Group100.6768
198Veolia pot Hunters190.6757
199Super League120.6723
200World Cup 2022130.6719
201Brit/Am Premier League 2022-2370.6714
202Brit/Am World Cup 202270.6714
203Euros 2020/2170.6714
204Deloitte Old Boys and Friends 22/23120.6695
205QEUH - English Premier League260.6667
206Sporty Rubbish Euro Tour 2020/2170.6667
207the Spivey McGill trophy @ Qatar '2270.6667
208Tony`s Prem Predictions60.6667
209In For A Tenner 2022/23 Season450.6659
210Anti - Arsenal League120.6639
213Siglap Special50.6600
214BSBG Score Predictor League50.6585
215CEU and friends PS 202150.6585
216Mines a Pint50.6585
217Euro Special League70.6571
218La Coupe du Monde 70.6571
220030 ETE League50.6512
221EPL Predict Lah 170.6503
222Dads & Grandads60.6500
223Elstead Royal British Legion 200.6500
224I'm betting on Iran60.6500
225Thurrock premier100.6500
227World Cup 2022 Predicta 130.6462
228Sporting Beerguts80.6456
229Yorkshire Puddings80.6456
230RUSSIA 2018160.6415
231Euro League80.6410
233No sweepstake here!50.6400
236Kent Special League80.6375
237William Hill Development & Friends260.6371
238Mercedes Benz Intercounty Electric Van League 2022/23110.6364
239The Dennis League 22/23130.6357
240Serie A140.6331
241Birchgrove Dads110.6330
242Kelmscott Euros 202050.6327
243Kelmscott Predictor League 450.6327
244World cup 2022 madness50.6327
245Goals Allowed100.6300
246Arsenal fans Vs Man U & Spurs fans70.6286
247Fark Footie World Dumpster Fire Cup70.6286
249Euro 2020 League70.6232
250The League Of Football Fanatics 22/2370.6232